Enterprise Asset Management and Tracking Apps

Process-Driven Mobile Apps for End-to-End Enterprise Asset Management

Achieve full visibility into enterprise asset and equipment lifecycles

asset management app iphoneYour mobile enterprise asset management apps should make your day easier. Mobile Reach extends your enterprise asset management platforms into the field, enabling technicians with highly usable mobile apps that quickly solve operational needs, improving efficiency, productivity, data integrity.

Mobile Reach integrates with any EAM system, enabling your employees to use of offline-capable, task-oriented mobile applications that mold to your back-end applications. Mobile Reach apps support unlimited business processes including enterprise asset management, IT asset management, IT service management, facilities management and custom applications.
Mobile Reach apps operate natively on iOS, Android, and Windows devices so mobile users are as productive as possible no matter their device or screen size. Mobile Reach’s native architecture also integrates seamlessly with Bluetooth-attached peripheral devices, including laser barcode scanners, RFID and NFC readers, signature capture pads, and sensors. Mobile Reach apps do not require a network connection to function so mobile workers are always enabled.



Receive accurate, real-time asset data that you can rely on.


Achieve government, healthcare or financial compliance.


Exceed service level agreements and pass audits with flying colors.


Keep assets performing with routine preventative maintenance.

Improve Data Integrity

Ensure quick and accurate data capture.

Reduce costs

Slash travel costs and eliminate site revisits

Case Study

F5 Networks Improves Asset and Inventory Management with Enterprise Asset Management Apps

“Mobile Reach was a game changer.” — Patty Kirkland, Desktop Support Manager

Process-Driven Enterprise Asset Tracking Apps

By deploying asset tracking apps to your field techs, your organization can streamline asset management processes and achieve 100% visibility into enterprise assets across their lifecycles. Incorporate barcode and RFID scanning into mobile workflows for quicker, more accurate data capture. Mobile Reach apps make field techs’ and asset managers’ jobs easier while improving data accuracy and asset up-time.

High Value Mobile Apps for Field Techs and Asset Managers

asset batch update appAsset Batch Update App

Allows field techs and asset managers to update the status of large numbers of assets at once. Great for stockrooms, warehouses, inventory management, etc.


Key Functionality

  • Rapidly scan barcodes or asset tags
  • Using barcode scanning or RFID, make status updates to large numbers of assets in real-time
  • Easily update asset location, status, owner, etc.

asset inventory appsAsset Inventory App

Allows field techs and asset managers to view and update enterprise asset and equipment data (status, location, user, etc.) in real time.


Key Functionality

  • View assets in a list view or on a map
  • View asset status and details
  • Edit and make changes to asset information in real-time
  • Create new asset records on the fly

asset receive appAsset Receive App

Allows field techs and asset managers to receive assets on a purchase order. Large numbers of assets can be received at a loading dock, for example. Asset managers can the barcode then asset records are automatically created in the back-end system.


Key Functionality

  • Assign a purchase order to an asset
  • Continuous scanning for rapid updates
  • Great for receiving large numbers of assets into inventory
bmc remedy app ipad


The award-winning Mobile Reach AppStudio enables your organization to rapidly build, configure, deploy and update any number of mobile apps, without the need for development time. AppStudio allows you to minimize the time between identifying the need for a new or updated app and having them live in the hands of your techs. Using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, AppStudio allows your team to be self-sufficient in mobilizing technicians, enabling greater efficiency and process compliance.

Advanced Features


Technicians can continue to work in remote or secure areas where connectivity is spotty or unavailable.


Use barcode scanning, RFID, and NFC for quick and accurate data capture.


Techs receive instant information and feedback via push notifications and sound alerts.


Technicians can log notes, track time, manage parts, access a knowledge base, or request help via apps that mold to your processes.


Support all major mobile operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.


Integrate directly with your back-end service management, CRM or ERP system.

Keep Your Back-End EAM Application Accurate and Up to Date

Extend the reach of your enterprise asset management application, CRM, ERP and other back-end databases into the field and ensure the data your organization needs is accessible, accurate and actionable. Our process-driven asset tracking apps integrate with ServiceNow, BMC Helix ITSM, Oracle, SAP, and other back-end enterprise applications. Click to learn more about our integrations with ServiceNowBMC Helix ITSM, and other ERP, CRM, and service platforms.

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