Barcode / NFC / RFID Scanner Recommendations for Field Techs

Use Bluetooth Attached Scanners for Quick and Accurate Data Capture

Mobile Reach supports the scanning of 1D, 2D, RFID, and NFC barcodes as well as numerous types of scanners. Prior to purchasing a scanner, verify the scanner is supported by Mobile Reach (see below) and is compatible with the client-device (iOS, Android, Windows 10) running the MR Client.

Below is a list of supported scanners per client-device type and the related support materials (scanner setup, technical details, etc.).

Supported Scanners

Scanner TypeSupported VersionsScanner Setup Tutorials
Camera Scanner (client-device)Not ApplicableiOS and Android Setup
Not Compatible with Windows 10
Socket Mobile ScannerSeries 7
Series 8
iOS, Android, and Windows 10
TSL ScannerTSL 1128iOS and Android
Not Compatible with Windows 10
Linea ProLinea Pro 5
Linea Pro 6
Linea Pro 7 Plus
Linea Pro 7i (industrial)
Linea Pro 7
Infinea X
Infinea Tab M
Not Compatible with Android or Windows 10
EMDK (Zebra) ScannerTC52
Note: Windows Embedded and Windows Classic are no longer supported
Not Compatible with iOS or Windows 10
Panmobile smartSCANNDYsmartSCANNDYAndroid
Not Compatible with iOS or Windows 10
Point Mobile NFC ScannerPM3Android
Not Compatible with iOS or Windows 10
Zebra DS2200 ScannerDS2278
Windows 10
Not Compatible with iOS or Android