On-Demand Webinar – How to Eliminate Technology Overload for Field Technicians

As field service organizations expand digital transformation efforts beyond work orders to address new service objectives, they increasingly run the risk of technology overload. This shows up in the form of data redundancies, disparate systems and administrative complexity.
Field service organizations can’t afford to impose this type of environment on skilled field technicians, who are already in short supply. Field techs, who rely on mobile apps to get their work done, have to navigate complex equipment, instructions and procedures. They do not need — or want — to navigate a multitude of apps that perpetuate a siloed approach to service, customer and asset management.
Join Bruce Breeden, field service executive with experience in all aspects of service operations, to learn how to eliminate technology overload and put an end to app hopping for your technicians. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • the root causes of technology overload and how to prevent it
  • the quantitative and qualitative downside to overload
  • how to eliminate technology overload even if you think it’s too late


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