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Mobile Reach provides mobile field service software for field service organizations, allowing them to easily configure, deploy and manage apps for field technicians that increase productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our mobile field service apps empower field engineers and technicians to complete any process on any device, wherever work takes them — even offline. Mobile Reach apps are process-driven and mold to your organization’s processes and enterprise applications. Our technology improves and accelerates the work technicians do every day, enabling your field force to work smarter and more efficiently. Mobile Reach supports all mobile operating systems and technologies. With our mobile field service software, you can build iOS apps, Android apps, and Windows apps that enable laser barcode scanning, RFID and NFC-enabled mobile devices. Our apps are device-native, multi-platform, and are fully functional online or offline.

Solutions Sheet

Mobile Reach Field Service Software

This solutions sheet outlines more about our mobile app development platform for field service management.



Field technicians need tools that make their jobs easier. For mobile field service apps, that means a user interface that is intuitive and easy to use. Mobile Reach focuses on the workflows, fields, options and actions that empower a technician to perform their work as efficiently and effectively as possible. As a result, technology adoption goes up, and your organization is able to provide greater customer satisfaction.


Your organization runs multiple systems to power your field service operations. Data from your CRM, ERP, service management application and more are all critical for serving customers, managing work orders and enabling technicians. Mobile Reach can integrate with any enterprise application to mobilize any process, allowing you to capitalize on your existing IT investment. And there’s no need to manage another database. The Mobile Reach architecture is designed to have a small footprint and maximize the data sources you already manage, effectively augmenting and extending your environment via mobile apps.


Mobile Reach mobile field service software allows you to build mobile applications once and deploy everywhere across all of the major mobile operating systems. Field techs can use iPads, iPhones, Android-based phones and tablets, as well as Windows 10 laptops, tablets, and phones.


Processes change. Customer expectations evolve. Your field service apps need to be easily updated so your technicians always have the right tools for the job. Mobile Reach allows your organization to quickly modify and re-deploy any of your applications across all major mobile platforms. Build and iterate once, push everywhere techs are at work, no matter their device.


Mobile Reach employs multiple controls to ensure secure and correct operation of the entire Mobile Reach platform, the data carried through the platform, and access within each discrete application. The full product suite is organically built requiring no third-party applications or plug-ins. Mobile Reach’s client-server architecture does not use web browser or open source technologies that would introduce security risk. Our mobile app development platform uses the highest level of encryption available — AES-256 bit — to protect data as it moves from the mobile device over a WiFi / cellular network. Mobile Reach also encrypts data that is cached on the mobile device using the same AES-256 bit standard. In recognition of its secure network architecture, Mobile Reach was awarded the Certificate of Networthiness by the United States Army. Mobile Reach also meets HIPAA regulations.

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Mobile Reach mobile field service apps are fully functional offline so users can continue to work in disconnected or restricted environments.


Mobile Reach mobile field service apps are device-native and take advantage of specific features including camera, maps, routing, GPS, voice-to-text and push notifications.



A key component of Mobile Reach software, AppStudio allows organizations to build, manage and deploy native mobile enterprise apps to iOS, Android and Windows users. Featuring an intuitive interface and drag-and-drop simplicity, AppStudio requires no coding or software development knowledge. Using AppStudio, you can also modify existing mobile applications, so the apps you’ve deployed always align with user feedback, your latest processes and enterprise systems. AppStudio gives you complete control of everything you do with your field service apps.

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Complete Mobile Field Service Software

The Mobile Reach app development platform extends your service workflows to your entire field workforce, no matter the process, device or location. We provide configured apps to address a wide range of use cases.

Demo videos are accessible via solutions in blue text.

  • Asset Audit
  • Asset Availability
  • Asset Disposal
  • Asset Inspection
  • Asset Maintenance
  • Asset Receive
  • Asset Tracking
  • Asset Transfer
  • Asset Update
  • Batch Asset Management
  • Equipment Disposal
  • Equipment Record Update
  • Equipment Request
  • Equipment Tracking
  • Equipment Validation
  • Parts & Inventory Management
  • Recording of Parts Used

Don’t see the process you need to mobilize? Our mobile field service software enables you to create and deploy any mobile field service app.