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Mobile Reach works with a range of partners that deliver added value to our customer community. From resellers and system integrators to app builder and training partners, MobileReach’s partner ecosystem covers North America, Europe, Africa and Australia, ensuring our global customer community can work with local expert teams and resources to solve their most complex field service mobility needs.


Partner Levels

Level I: Referral Partners

Referral Partners provide new sales leads to Mobile Reach. Mobile Reach sells, implements the solution, and supports the customer. All billing is done on Mobile Reach invoices.

Level II: Reseller Partners

Reseller Partners establish leads, begin the sales process and move an opportunity through qualification, discovery, alignment, proposal, presentation and implementation. Reseller Partners receive all reasonable and customary pre-sales support from Mobile Reach. In-depth support during implementation or follow-up will be billed to the customer through the partner at the current reseller partner rates in effect at that time. The customer is billed on the Reseller Partner’s invoices.

Level III: AppBuilder Partners

AppBuilder Partners are Reseller Partners who provide application configuration and modification via Mobile Reach AppStudio and 1st level support for their customers. Customer are billed on the AppBuilder Partner’s invoices. AppBuilder Partners must complete a training certification process with Mobile Reach.

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