Seven Traits of Highly Effective Mobile Field Service Software

mobile field service software
In today’s increasingly competitive business climate, field service organizations are seriously evaluating various “hot” technologies to cut costs while increasing efficiency and workforce productivity.

There is no technology, however, that can refine a service-oriented environment faster than deploying mobile field service software. Taking this crucial step allows your organization to do more with less, empowering your field techs with access to mission-critical data, applications, and workflows.

However, with the almost daily influx of new devices and mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows), selecting effective mobile field service software can seem daunting and extremely complex. The following tips will help you make a more informed evaluation of the different offerings on the market today.

  1. Scales well to accommodate future growth in your organization, supporting additional users, additional applications, and additional mobile platforms/devices
  2. Offers proven security features that meet the information assurance requirements of your organization (from simple to government-endorsed security levels)
  3. Allows full visibility into customer and asset data, including warranty information, PMI, etc.
  4. Features a crisp user interface to enhance the user experience, resulting in rapid user adoption
  5. Is easily deployed with no “gotchas” during the implementation phase
  6. Allows flexible control and validation functionality in the mobile user interface to ensure high-quality data capture and effective error detection
  7. Operates in both online and offline environments to enable real-time updates when connectivity is allowed and available, but also providing full functionality when connectivity is limited or unavailable

Mobile Reach is the preferred choice when you require specific functionality, superior usability, a need for customized mobile applications, or a flexible mobile field service software platform that can support multiple enterprise applications. You can learn more about our field service software solutions here.