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About Us

Mobile Reach is the leading provider of mobile solutions and applications for IT Service Management and IT Asset Management. Our customers include corporations, the U.S. Military, federal and DoD agencies, as well as education, financial and healthcare organizations. We specialize in extending enterprise applications and data to mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, Android devices, BlackBerrys, and Windows Mobile barcode scanners and RFID readers.

We have been developing enterprise mobile applications for 15 years and have deep experience in mobile business process improvements and efficient mobile workflows. Our award-winning Splitware Mobility Platform and Splitware mobile apps are currently in use at some of the world’s largest and most complex organizations. In addition to a secure, scalable mobile enterprise application platform, we also provide a wide range of mobile consulting services.


Headquarters: Cary, North Carolina

Founded: 2000

Core Technology: Splitware Enterprise Mobility Platform


Mission Statement

Mobile Reach is dedicated to providing superior mobility software solutions that enable cost savings, increased worker productivity, more efficient workflows, and unlimited scalability to support the mobile workforce.

  • We strive to stay lock-step with emerging technologies, mobile platforms, and new mobile use cases and end users.
  • We challenge ourselves and our customers to exceed expectations and work smarter.
  • We focus on the end-user experience because our success is dependent on the user adoption rate of our solutions.

Why Mobile Reach?

Rely on the Enterprise Mobility Experts

Over the past 15 years, Mobile Reach has been involved in many projects where our customers need to improve their business processes and view mobile technology as an easy way to reduce costs and increase efficiencies. We work with the largest retailers in the world as well as highly-regulated and security-conscious government agencies to ensure a tight enterprise mobility implementation.

The choices we have made about our software architecture and our user interface have been driven by the experiences we have had; real world experiences. Our motto of “Mobility Made Simple” comes directly from customer comments about the Splitware Mobility Platform, an enterprise mobility solution that SIMPLY WORKS.


Problems With Alternate Solutions Attributes of Splitware
Often difficult to deploy Simple to deploy
Limited functionality in complex workflows Unlimited functionality in complex workflows
Challenged by rigid security requirements Meets Department of Defense security standards
Mobile interface often cumbersome Crisp user interface, enhanced user experience
No support for companion applications Support for any companion applications
Support only out-of-the-box enterprise apps Support for highly customized or legacy enterprise apps
Limited scalability Modular architecture allows for unlimited scalability
Limited customization options Unlimited customization, enhanced ITIL adherence
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