The Importance of Secure Mobile Apps for Field Service Operations

secure field service mobile platformProviding secure mobile apps to field techs can be a challenging to field service directors in large corporations, federal agencies and military installations. Using a mobile application platform that offers heightened security over the air, on the device, from the back-end and through offline capabilities streamlines operations. It keeps important information safe. It also helps businesses stay in compliance with contractual requirements, SLAs, and federal and local government regulations.

Over the Air Data Protection

When choosing an enterprise mobility platform, pay special attention to encryption and compliance levels. The Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140-2 addresses U.S. government computer standards for encrypting communications of sensitive data. This affects both hardware and software. Not all devices and apps are protected through the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AEP), which is required to transmit information when working on a military base or for a U.S. government agency. Some lesser security levels of cryptography include AES-128 and AES-192, as well as triple data encryption standards.

Secure Data Cache on Device

Keeping mobile devices and data safe from security breaches also involves cache protection. Improving speed requires using cached data. It’s faster to access data that is cached than to access and verify the information every time the app is used on the device, so device protection and encryption can minimize the risks.

Device Locks

Taking your eyes off of your mobile device is sometimes necessary while servicing and tracking enterprise assets and equipment. That’s why it’s important to have a device that locks during periods of inactivity. It’s helpful to set it up so that the device itself locks out access through the back end of the system.

Efficient Password Protection

When a mobile device is a gateway to managing services from the field, technicians need secure access to each application. This can be cumbersome. Single sign-on gives you access to all mobile apps. This simplifies the process so that you don’t have a number of credentials for each step or app in the process.

Direct Integration

Would you prefer to have direct control over the level of security provided to your mobile applications? The Mobile Reach Platform has secure technology capabilities. Its direct integration provides improved security without the guessing games and hidden risks.

Offline Capabilities

When servicing and tracking enterprise assets in the field, often information can’t be transmitted immediately. It might be because you can’t transmit over a protected network or you don’t have a secure network connection. This limits efficiency and slows down productivity. You need offline data caching technology.

Mobile Platform for Field Service

When choosing a mobile platform for field service management, conforming to security protocols often makes the difference between success and failure through customer satisfaction. Meeting security requirements outlined in contracts and terms of service, as well as limiting network accessibility from the device, secure mobile apps for field service operations keep important information safe. The added benefits of direct integration and offline capabilities of enterprise mobile app platforms can improve usability.
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