Taking Flight with Work Order Apps that Make a Difference

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Editor’s Note: This post was updated March 29, 2018

One of our customers provides managed field services to passenger processing systems in airports around the world. Due to a compounding effect, a two-minute delay in processing airplane passengers at check-in can result in a 10-minute delay in boarding which can then result in a 30-minute delay in departure.

The ultimate result can be passengers missing connections, not to mention millions of dollars wasted in fuel as various aircraft are left waiting on the tarmac. Therefore, a delayed response to a printer jam or a workstation failure can have costly consequences.

To improve response times and service delivery, the company recently deployed a mobile work order app to its field technicians. This task-driven work order app allows field techs to quickly access and manage work orders, allowing them to respond to issues and repair critical airport assets and equipment much quicker and more effectively than before. The refined mobile workflow is projected to save more than 2,200 man-hours per year, including:

  • 83.33 hours (5,000 minutes) per month saved across all sites due to a more efficient method of inputting corrective actions/updates and information in each work order
  • 22 hours (1,320 minutes) per month across all sites for hardware swaps due to the ability to track location and status changes in the field, eliminating the need to return to the office
  • 85.5 hours (5,130 minutes) per month across all sites for Preventative Maintenance scheduling as it can be assigned directly from the work order app

These incredible time savings are a result of field technicians receiving immediate notification on their iPhones whenever a new ticket is assigned to them, and then having the ability to instantly acknowledge the work order and update it when the repair is complete. This speedy mobile workflow feeds real-time incident data directly into the customer’s BMC Helix ITSM system.

“Our first real work order has been opened and completed through the work order app,” said the company’s Remedy administrator. “The work order was created and then acknowledged within 25 seconds and fixed in 20 minutes. That acknowledgment time is amazing!”

Our customer is very pleased with their new work order app and foresees compounded time (and money) savings going forward that will significantly improve their operations and assist ongoing efforts to reduce traveler delays for their airline clients. Mobile Reach is thrilled to play a part in improving the safety and enjoyment of air travel for all parties. Smart work order apps can make a huge difference!

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