Pipeline Integrity Trends to Watch for at PPIM 2019

Pipeline integrity and safety leaders from around North America are converging at the Pipeline Pigging & Integrity Management Conference in Houston the week of February 18 to learn about best practices and emerging trends in integrity testing, NDT, maintenance, field operations and inspections. As attendees decide which sessions to attend among the vast array of learning opportunities, there are three major trends that all engineering management and field operating personnel should be listening for.

  1. Safety is being enforced in new ways.

Just as central to the opening and sealing of the pigging door, safety measures of all kinds are being managed within overall ILI procedures. Advancements in inspections management software support technician safety in their tasks, ensuring they follow specific steps and complete checklists relevant to the inspections process. Operations personnel can improve their safety records and minimize incidents through the use of inspection workflows that are tailored to various pipeline and equipment types. Safety data can be captured, managed and audited for making improvements.

  1. Mobile apps aren’t just about replacing paper.

While it’s true that many pipeline inspection services providers are looking to replace paper forms — and inefficient processes — by deploying mobile tools, mobility is much more than collecting data. A well designed and deployed inspections automation solution includes mobile apps that ultimately improve customer reporting and enable technicians to work more safely and productively.

  1. Data is your friend.

As a pipeline inspection company, ensuring your customers’ assets are operating properly and pose no risks is foundational to your business. To fully enable your operations, you need to know how to make the most of the data you collect. Not just asset and inspection data, but customer data, safety data and expense data. When you are able to capture and manage these types of information, you can transform how you deliver services, how you quote jobs, how you invoice and how you manage profitability.

Mobile Reach will be at the Pipeline Pigging & Integrity Management Conference from Feb. 19-21. We are redefining what’s possible in inspection automation. We invite you to visit us at booth 753 and learn how your company can get paid more quickly, quote jobs more effectively, and deliver customer reports more easily. Come see our software in action. Book a demo to ensure your spot.