Mobile Reach Named IDC Innovator in Field Service

field tech performing inspection

Field service delivery is synonymous with field service mobility. Technicians who differentiate their organizations and continually deliver world-class service rely on mobile apps that mold to field processes, making field work easier, more efficient and more profitable.

In a market where many mobile field service solutions look alike and deliver incremental value, Mobile Reach stands apart as an innovator that delivers transformational value.

As a testament to providing solutions that differentiate our customers and the success they see in their field service operations, global analyst firm IDC has named Mobile Reach an innovator in its “IDC Innovators: Field Service for Manufacturing, 2017” report. IDC Innovators are chosen by an IDC analyst for offering an innovative new technology or a groundbreaking business model, have revenues of up to $100 million, and have been approved by the IDC Innovators Review Panel.

“These vendors reflect an awareness of the unique challenges of field service processes and seek to deliver efficiencies or new capabilities for technicians, service departments, and customers,” said Heather Ashton, research manager responsible for IDC’s service innovation practice. “Their offerings expand the impact that field service processes can have on business levers such as revenue, costs, and customer loyalty.”

The report singles out Mobile Reach for rapidly enabling field technicians with mobile apps that are highly configurable and usable, process-driven, and able to operate in offline environments. “The company’s multi-tenant platform has been adding field service-specific workflows that can be tailored quickly to the field service organization’s needs,” Ashton writes in the report.

The IDC Innovators: Field Service for Manufacturing, 2017 report is available on the IDC website.