Get to Know Mobile Reach’s CEO, Nasrin Azari

At Mobile Reach, we define leadership as getting people to see a common vision and act together to make it a reality. Each one of us lives this ideal every day. Our CEO, Nasrin Azari, is the inspiration behind the ideal.

Sharing her philosophy on leadership, Nasrin is featured in Authority Magazine’s Women Of The C-Suite series. She shares her journey to becoming the business and technology executive she is today. One story in particular reveals how she developed the belief that leadership isn’t about getting other people to do what you want them to do.

“Early in my career, I put myself into the Director’s chair and felt like I was responsible for driving everyone else forward by telling them what to do,” she said. “When I wasn’t comfortable telling someone what to do because they were too busy or because I wasn’t quite sure how to do it myself, or if I received push-back, or if they didn’t perform the instruction correctly… I would take the task on myself.

“So I was mired in the intricate details of daily tasks, figuring out how the work had to be done so that I could be a more effective Director. The problem with this approach is that when you act as a Director, you don’t have time or energy to look at the big picture. You miss the holes; you miss seeing where interactions aren’t happening or aren’t working well; you miss opportunities to refocus a team that has gone astray.

“Through this learning process, I have discovered that leadership is really about getting others to see a common vision and act together to make it a reality. Instead of getting their people to do something, leaders actually need to get people to see something.”

Read the interview and get to know Nasrin.