Finding the Right Mobile Solution for ServiceNow

ServiceNow held its Knowledge 15 event in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, unleashing an incredible amount of helpful information on functionality within the latest release (Fuji) as well as some exciting sneak peeks into what’s coming in Geneva later this year.

Our favorite part of the conference was Keynote #2 when Fred Luddy and some of the brightest developers on his team showed off the new ServiceNow mobile app that will be available with Geneva. It’s pretty, intuitive, clean, and incorporated with “Presence,” which supports real-time interactions between folks in an organization. This brand-new, native iPhone app kicks the pants off the current app, providing a much smoother and integrated experience for mobile users. And I love seeing ServiceNow taking some smart steps towards true enablement of the fastest growing segment of the modern workforce. Although the app is yet to be released, many questions are already surfacing. How useful and practical is the ServiceNow mobile app? Can I use it effectively for barcode scanning? When will Android be supported? When will it have the ability to work offline? How secure is it?? How do my Mobile Reach apps compare to and work alongside it?

The truth of the matter is that, like any truly useful technological advancement, progress will be steady, but occasionally a bit messy. ServiceNow is working hard to catch up in a field that is quite complex and varied. I have been entrenched in enterprise mobility for 20 years (!!) and am impressed with what ServiceNow is trying to accomplish, and what they have achieved thus far. But yes, there are limitations. ServiceNow’s mobile app will be initially released on iOS only, with an Android version coming “sometime” later. Barcode scanning via the camera on the device is do-able within the app, but will be processed as straight text. ServiceNow will not be supporting barcode scanning attachments or RFID. The app will only work online, with no short-term plans to address offline support. ServiceNow’s mobile app addresses general usage and collaboration for a wide range of applications. It is intended for all ServiceNow users, no matter the process or task.

Alternatively, Mobile Reach delves deep into mobile workflows and process improvements that can only be accomplished with a highly customizable user interface and very specific, task-oriented mobile apps. Certain targeted use cases benefit greatly from this approach, particularly those related to IT asset management, field services, work-order management, inventory management, preventative maintenance, field equipment inspections, etc. Mobile Reach works naturally offline and supports all enterprise-grade mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and even BlackBerry. Mobile Reach is designed to support the heavy user – the technician in the field that needs a consistent, responsive user experience; smart and quick barcode-scanning; controlled, task-oriented mobile apps; offline, native capability; and top-notch security features that protect corporate data stored on the device or transferred over the air. Mobile Reach for ServiceNow, with all of this functionality, has been proven and available since 2010.

If you are currently using Mobile Reach for ServiceNow, it’s highly likely that your needs go beyond what ServiceNow can currently offer. If you find yourself in a position to incorporate both an implementation of Mobile Reach AND the new ServiceNow mobile app, we really want to hear from you! We would love to know how we can improve our product so that your overall experience with ServiceNow is better, faster, more productive, and more enjoyable! Reach out here and let’s have a discussion!!