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darkdatacenterworkerMaintaining a healthy and efficient IT mobile service management environment includes three primary functions: Supporting the Help Desk by managing and resolving Incidents as they arise, identifying problems and appropriate long-term fixes to resolve them, and managing Changes to the environment to minimize disruption to the organization’s operations.


These tasks require the efforts of mobile workers who handle incidents, problems, tasks, and change requests in the field. In support of IT Service Management (ITSM), the Mobile Reach Platform for ITSM provides the following abilities for mobile desktop support personnel:

  • Remote access to incident and problem tickets for updating, reassigning, resolving, issues
  • Ability to monitor status and activity with custom dashboards
  • Notification of new incidents as soon as they arise
  • Remote access to change requests, tasks, and/or work orders for review or update
  • Approval or rejection change requests while mobile
  • Creation of incidents on-the-go in the field


Make IT Service Management More Efficient

A Mobile Reach IT service management solution can help you to prevent and resolve issues in a variety of areas, including:

  • Falling short on Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Inefficiency and down-time while waiting for information in the field
  • Addressing multiple issues at one location without a return trip
  • Inability for field techs to create incident tickets or asset records in the backend system on location
  • Creating and updating service records for offline assets in the field


Easily Meet Service Level Agreements with Advanced Mobility

Mobile Reach enables enterprises to align the delivery of IT Service Management with their business needs by providing mobile extensions to ITSM applications to support the organization’s mobile workforce. By utilizing the Mobile Reach Platform, organizations can facilitate ITIL best practices and enhance Help Desk/Service Desk activities, including:

  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Approvals
  • Service Management
  • Availability Management
  • IT Service Continuity Management
  • Security Management

 Make Field Techs More Productive
  • Utilize a comprehensive mobile solution to manage all of your ITSM applications.
  • Shorten mean time to repair for open incident tickets, tasks, work orders, etc., increasing customer productivity
  • Provide bi-directional access to critical information whenever and wherever needed
  • Streamline response solutions for mobile work management
  • Improve mobile worker productivity by 30-50 percent
  • Avoid unnecessary travel time through remote alerting and information access
  • Improve the ability to create and update records for assets through offline incident management features
  • Scale and improve solutions as new applications and processes are added to the environment

 Dramatically Increase CMDB Data Accuracy
  • Minimize human errors by using electronic data capture, immediate data validation, and other user interface controls
  • Provide the ability to track transactions as they occur
  • Reduce time spent investigating/fixing data errors through improved information quality
  • Ensure optimal performance of your IT operations by improving CMDB data integrity

Enforce Accountability, ITIL Compliance
  • Incorporate checkpoints and controls into mobile processes
  • Gain 100% visibility into real-time operations from anywhere
  • Equip mobile IT support staff to handle Incidents and Change Requests remotely

Make Better Decisions, Cut Costs
  • Consistent, frequent, timely information flow allows for better decision making
  • Tracking current status enables timely response, minimizing business disruptions
  • Timely notifications and information flow enables meeting SLAs with confidence
Direct Mobile Integration to Major ITSM Applications

The Splitware Mobility Platform provides a direct integration to your backend application to access Incident and Problem tickets, Asset Records, Change Requests, and Tasks. This provides a two-way communication path allowing your mobile workers the ability to both review and update Incident tickets and update critical Asset information from smartphones, tablets, barcode scanners, RFID devices, etc.

  • A direct integration into any Incident/Work order ticketing database
  • User and/or Group Incident/Task queues managed to mobile device
  • Synchronization with backend database that maintains data integrity and detects data conflicts
  • Effective use of dependent menus and fields for tying together related information
  • Use of templates and short-cuts to assist the mobile user in entering information quickly and accurately
  • Immediate field validation to minimize data entry errors
  • Notification of new items and events
  • Smart cache processing for offline operations when connectivity is limited or unavailable

Update and Create Incident Tickets on the Fly

Mobile users have the ability to review and manage Incident tickets from their smartphones, tablets, barcode scanners, or other mobile device. Incident Management mobile use cases include:

  • Notification of new Incidents
  • Update/Respond to Incidents
  • Reassign Incidents
  • Resolve/close Incidents
  • Create new Incidents on the spot Task / Work Order Management

Task / Work Order Management

Mobile Users have the ability to review and manage Tasks from their smartphones while performing their duties in the field. Task Management mobile use cases include:

  • Get notified of new Tasks
  • Update Tasks as work progresses
  • Reassign Tasks as necessary

Change Approvals

Managers have the ability to review and approve requests directly from their smartphones or tablets while on the move. Mobile Change Approvals use cases include:

  • Review associated Request, whether a Change Request, Purchase Request, or other
  • Approve or Reject with a click of a button

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