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peopleonphones-e1362071102811Businesses operate most effectively when all efforts are focused on their primary objective — to serve customers. That means the needs of your organization may vary a bit from your competitors. Those differences are important and may be your advantage in the marketplace. Whether your focus is on mobility for IT asset management (ITAM) or IT service management (ITSM), or field services / work order management, Mobile Reach can help you reach your goals. We can create custom mobile ITAM solutions and mobile ITSM solutions that will boost worker productivity, increase data accuracy, and cut costs and overhead, and boost your business.


Your mobile applications should reflect the unique and specific needs of your organization and customers. That is where Mobile Reach’s flexible and robust mobile application platform, Splitware, can help you. Extend your critical business processes to the mobile workforce with secure, scalable, simple mobility. No matter if your enterprise systems and applications are legacy or homegrown, or if you have custom applications built on SQL, the BMC Remedy AR System, ServiceNow, OMNINET, Oracle databases, etc., we can help you extend them to smartphones, tablets, barcode scanners, RFID readers and other devices.


Mobile Reach Platform

Mobile Reach has a long history of delivering mobile field technology solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers. Starting with our standard mobile application platform and custom mobile applications, we tailor the deliverables for your various user communities. This refinement of your mobile business processes through our mobile enterprise application platform is often the most cost-effective, scalable way to achieve your goal of deploying mobile applications to improve your business operations.


The Mobile Reach Platform enables us to easily provide you with completely custom, highly configurable mobility solutions. It matters not what backend application or database that your company wishes to extend. Our technology is scalable and flexible, allowing it to adapt to your environment as your needs change. We have implemented custom enterprise asset management and mobility software solutions for both corporate and federal entities and our solutions have met the Department of Defense’s most rigorous security standards.


Use versatile barcode scanning and RFID technology to populate your backend data in real-time to users in multiple locations with a variety of purposes and software integration needs. Mobile Reach can help you customize mobile applications that connect to your backend systems and enterprise applications today.


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