Use latest technology including barcode scanning, RFID, NFC to speed physical audits

The award-winning Mobile Reach platform allows IT asset managers to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively using smartphones, tablets, barcode scanners or RFID readers. With device-native, task-specific mobile apps, asset managers can scan barcoded asset tags to automatically capture asset information from the field and synchronize it in real-time with the back-end asset database or CMDB. This results in greatly improved data accuracy and eliminates delays in getting actionable data into the target system. It also results in reduced costs across the board.

  • How accurate is your CMDB or asset repository?
  • Do you have manual steps in your data collection process?
  • Is your current decision-making process based on faulty or erroneous information?
  • How long does it take to deploy new assets?
  • How long does it take to complete full inventories?

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Improve Efficiency and Productivity of the Mobile Workforce
  • Provide data access and data capture at the point of action
  • Use barcode / RFID scanning to quickly capture asset information in the target system
  • Optimize end-user experience with advanced interface features
  • Reduce duplicate efforts and unnecessary travel time
  • Eliminate paper-based processes
  • Eliminate third-party databases that require data manipulation and manual importing into the target system

Increase CMDB Accuracy and Timeliness for More Informed Decision Making
  • Use barcode and/or RFID scanning to remove the possibility of mistyping data entry
  • Minimize data entry errors with client-side validation controls
  • Provide real-time updates to CMDB or target system by capturing data instantly

Enjoy Operational/Process Enhancements
  • Enforce proper data entry during actions in the field with required nomenclature
  • Achieve ITIL, Sarbanes-Oxley, or other regulatory compliance
  • Promote trustworthy, proactive decision making with unparalleled levels of data integrity and real-time information
Robust Mobile Applications for Efficient, Cost-Effective IT Asset Management
  • Scan in a barcode (representing the serial number or an asset tag) and search the asset database for a matching asset record. Our Splitware technology provides search results in less than two seconds, even with a database of more than 30,000 asset records.
  • Access and update an asset record and associated related records.
  • Perform inventory spot checks to verify asset information.
  • Perform blind physical inventory with instant backend reconciliation.
  • Receive Assets via a Purchase Order, connecting the Asset Record with its PO.
  • Use audio signals to indicate success and failure so that users are not dependent on visual feedback. This is especially helpful in dimly lighted or highly busy areas.

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