Mobile Solutions for Managed Service Providers

Save money on contracts. Deliver better IT service with fewer resources.

workordermanagementManaged service providers are faced with a daunting task. You must consistently deliver reliable service and support while controlling internal costs to remain profitable. Would you like to improve IT service delivery while reducing costs and overhead? Could you benefit from using less time and fewer resources while effectively managing IT assets with mobile apps? Do you need a CMDB that is accurate and updated in real-time rather than through manual and inaccurate processes? Mobile Reach can help you accomplish all of this and more with our award-winning mobility platform.


At Mobile Reach, we rely on more than 16 years of experience in optimizing IT operations with mobile solutions. We are here to help you deliver the best and most cost-effective IT services in the industry with streamlined processes and task-specific mobile applications. We offer a more efficient method of IT service management and IT asset management that can help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Splitware Mobility for IT Managed Services

  • Reduce operating costs. Achieve higher profit margins on IT service contracts.
  • Do more with less. Reduce resources and headcount required for IT tasks.
  • Automate manual processes. Push real-time data directly into your backend ITSM / ITAM system; eliminate manual data entry.
  • Embrace BYOD. Use the devices you already have or deploy specific devices for specific requirements. Support iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile.
  • Improve compliance. Enhance ITIL, Sarbox, or other regulatory frameworks.
  • Meet service level agreements and improve IT asset audits. Minimize time spent in the field with quick and accurate mobile apps.
  • Stand out from your competitors. Showcase innovative mobile technology as a differentiator on contract bids.
  • Increase profitability on contracts. Inject mobile solutions into existing contracts and capitalize on short-term process improvements and cost savings.
  • Be more productive. Raise service desk efficiency by 50 to 75 percent and resolve incidents and problems on the fly!
  • Make better business decisions. Raise CMDB accuracy to 100 percent, and reduce mean time to repair while improving customer service and business uptime.
  • Rapidly Develop Apps in a Coding-Free Environment.  Mobile Reach AppStudio allows the rapid design, iteration and deployment of enterprise-grade mobile apps. AppStudio is a drag-and-drop development environment that requires no programming skills, yet provides a significant amount of flexibility to incorporate logic, workflow and user interface controls into mobile apps.
  • Integrate Barcode Scanning, RFID and NFC. Seamlessly integrate barcode scanning, RFID, or NFC into mobile apps for more efficient, accurate data capture.
  • Capitalize on Device Features. Use device-specific features like GPS, maps, attachments, camera, and signature capture to enhance workflow, reporting, and accountability.
  • Operate Offline. Mobile Reach Apps are fully functional in offline environments where wireless or cellular connectivity is spotty or unavailable. When connectivity is available, Splitware will synchronize with the backend system while smartly detecting conflicts to retain data integrity.
  • Push Data Directly Into Your CMDB / Backend System. Splitware Apps connect directly to enterprise applications via our Mobile Reach Gateway. There is no staging of data and no third-party software required.
  • Timestamp Transactions for Improved SLAs, Reporting. Automatically timestamp all relevant transactions, including those performed offline, for improved visibility into CMDB changes and updates and improved reporting.
  • Support Multiple Mobile Devices. Support all the major mobile operating systems and devices, including iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), Android (phones and tablets), BlackBerry (phones, legacy 7 and BB10), and Windows Mobile (barcode scanners, RFID readers).
  • Utilize Proven Technology. Deploy our out-of-the-box template apps or tweak them to match your specific workflows. Create custom apps as well and exchange ideas and suggestions with other app developers in our Mobile Reach Community forum.
  • Use Push Notifications. Send push notifications to instantly notify field techs of new incidents, work orders, change approvals and requests.
  • Rely on DoD Grade Security. Splitware has passed rigorous security requirements including the U.S. Army’s Certificate of Networthiness, FIPS 140-2 standards, and approval to run on SIPRNet. Splitware features high levels of data encryption both on the device and over the air.
  • Expect a Significant ROI. Experience improved service levels, increased productivity, reduced resource requirements for various tasks, and better business decisions. The ROI for Splitware is fast and substantial!

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