Inspections Management Software Platform

Inspections Management Platform now Floodlight Software

As we have accelerated our efforts to digitally transform the operations of inspection, NDT, and certification companies, we realized that mobility is only a small (albeit import) part of our end-to-end operations management platform.
To better reflect our full capabilities, we are re-branding the Mobile Reach Inspections Management Platform software to be called Floodlight Software. Our new branding was derived from the reaction from our customers. When they see a demo and realize how our software can improve their business operations, customer satisfaction and overall profitability, the reaction is not just a “light bulb going on”, it’s more like a floodlight.
To see for yourself how our solution will help you run your business from customer requests, to generating customer quotes and proposals, to creating jobs and executing them in the field all while keeping a keen eye on your equipment, materials and personnel, visit our new website at: