Design robust mobile apps to complete your enterprise software package

The Mobile Reach Integration Partnership Program is designed for enterprise software providers that wish to provide mobile extensions for their offerings to support their customers’ mobile end users. As a member of the program, the OEM Partner will be able to integrate the Mobile Reach Platform into their product and immediately offer cross-platform, native mobile solutions targeted to their own customer requirements.


The Mobile Reach Integration Partnership Program makes use of the Mobile Reach Platform and Mobile Reach AppStudio, which offers a quick and easy method for rapid mobile application development. Mobile Reach AppStudio does not require programming skills and allows the Partner to focus on configuring mobile apps and creating a user interface design that is optimal for their user community.


The Integration Partner will be able to provide mobile solutions on a variety of mobile device platforms, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile. Other enterprise-ready mobile platforms will be supported as they become available. The Integration Partner will be able to brand its mobile apps to ensure familiarity for their customers.


  • Provide additional value by extending your solutions to your customers’ mobile users
  • Deploy your mobile solutions on an industry leading enterprise mobility platform
  • Take advantage of existing enterprise mobile experts
  • Provide high quality native mobile solutions without needing to build internal expertise
  • Exceed your customers’ expectations for mobile support without losing focus on your own core competencies

With the acceptance of the Integration Partner’s registration and payment of required program fees, the Partner will receive the following program benefits:

  • Mobile Reach Gateway Plug-In SDK to build a plug-in for your Enterprise Application
  • Mobile Reach AppStudio, plus training, allowing you to build your mobile extensions
  • Full support for Mobile Reach, the Plug-In SDK, and AppStudio
  • Ability to brand your mobile apps and use the “Powered by Mobile Reach” logo
  • Ability to become a Certified Integration Partner

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