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The Mobile Reach AppBuilder Partnership Program is designed for service-oriented software solutions providers who are already approved Reseller partners. It’s an ideal opportunity for those who wish to create and maintain enterprise mobile software applications along with their existing solutions business. As a member of the program, the AppBuilder Partner will be able to build mobile extensions to enterprise applications and then provide those mobile applications to their customers.



Through our AppBuilder Partnership, you use the Mobile Reach Platform and Mobile Reach AppStudio for iPhone mobile application development, Windows Mobile application development, Android mobile application development, and BlackBerry mobile application development. Other enterprise-ready mobile platforms will be supported as they become available.


The AppBuilder Partner will be able to extend specific enterprise applications as defined in their Mobile Reach AppBuilder Partnership Agreement. Mobile business applications can transform your customers’ unique business environments.


The Mobile Reach AppBuilder Partnership allows the partner to leverage mobile enterprise apps via the Mobile Reach Platform and Mobile Reach AppStudio. They offer a programming-free environment for rapid enterprise mobile application development and deployment.



Mobile Reach AppStudio allows AppBuilder Partners to build, configure, and deploy mobile apps across multiple devices and form factors. Create user-friendly mobile interfaces that are optimal for customers’ mobile end users. Requiring no hand coding, Mobile AppBuilder Partners can provide critical access to various enterprise level applications and databases on popular mobile device platforms, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile.


Add Mobile Apps to Your IT Solutions
  • Provide additional value by extending your solutions to your customers’ mobile users.
  • Perform additional services for your customers, thus generating more business for your organization.
  • Capture additional revenue with increased mobile functionality and services.
  • Rapidly build mobile user interfaces for a variety of platforms with a simple, GUI-oriented tool.
  • Optimize mobile applications for either offline or disconnected use or for online or connected use.
  • Expedite the application building process by allowing users to test-as-you-go.


As a Mobile Reach AppBuilder Partner, you will be able to support your customers’ mobile end users by incorporating the Mobile Reach Platform into your solutions. You will resell Splitware client licenses and create mobile user interfaces to the enterprise applications that you implement or configure for your customers.

With the acceptance of the Partner’s registration and payment of required program fees, the Partner will receive the following program benefits:

  • One application plug-in for each enterprise application the AppBuilder has been approved to extend
  • Two Mobile Reach Gateway licenses for testing and development purposes
  • Five Mobile Reach Client licenses for use on any type of client, to be used for testing and development purposes
  • One AppStudio license for each approved, trained and certified AppBuilder
  • One AppStudio training session for each approved AppBuilder
  • Full support for the base Mobile Reach product and AppStudio
  • Ability to resell the base Mobile Reach product to AppBuilder Partner’s customers at a discount of up to 35% off list price
  • Mobile Reach product upgrades and feature announcements

In order to qualify for the AppBuilder Partnership program and receive its benefits, the organization must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have a tax ID and be in the business of providing software solutions to other organizations
  • Must have the ability to program or configure a back-end application to extend to mobile users
  • Must have all necessary hardware to house the Mobile Reach software for testing and development purposes
  • Must sign and abide by all Terms and Conditions in the Mobile Reach AppBuilder Partnership Agreement
  • Must pay any OEM Partnership dues and AppStudio licensing fees according to the terms of the Agreement
  • Must assign at least one person within the organization as an AppBuilder who must take the required AppStudio training courses and be approved and certified by Mobile Reach


To learn more about the potential benefits of mobile application development through our AppBuilder Partnership program, contact Mobile Reach today.

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