Secure Data Capture Online or Offline

Mobile Reach supplies a variety of U.S. Military bases and DoD agencies with end-to-end, mobility solutions that allow these massive organizations to streamline operations, including managing and servicing IT assets, as well as deploying and decommissioning equipment like uniforms, weapons, vehicles, etc., in the field. The Mobile Reach Platform meets the rigid standards that the military requires, including security, functionality, and useability in areas of little or no connectivity. Mobile Reach’s extensive experience in supporting the Department of Defense provides us with critical insight into mission challenges, requirements, constraints, and vision.


Our acquired knowledge results from:

  • Our more than decade of experience in working with government project teams and staffs
  • Our contract experience
  • Our interaction with the command


Most importantly, Mobile Reach mobility software solutions have constantly evolved based on feedback based on past implementations with the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. We continuously add features and upgrade our mobility platform to help reduce operational costs, improve inventory accuracy, and speed up incident and problem resolutions.


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