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Offline Capable Mobile Applications for IT Asset Management, Work Order Management

Enhance ServiceNow with Barcode Scanning, RFID, Offline Mobile Applications


service-now_logoFor tracking non-discoverable assets, receiving new assets and performing full inventories, your mobile technicians need both immediate access to IT asset records and the ability to create new asset records from the field. The smart choice for empowering field technicians and other mobile users of ServiceNow is offline capable mobile applications built on the Splitware Mobility Platform.

Mobile ServiceNow Applications for AndroidThis complete mobility solution allows you to rapidly build and deploy mobile applications that securely connect to ServiceNow Asset Management and ServiceNow Work Management. Use barcode scanning and radio frequency identification (RFID) technology with Splitware IT Asset Management Android apps, iPhone apps and apps for other smartphones, tablets, and mobile computers to update and maintain your ServiceNow CMDB in real-time, error-free. Update and manage Work Orders and Work Tasks on the fly.


PDF-logoFor more information on Mobile Reach’s integration with ServiceNow and how it compares to ServiceNow’s own mobile offerings, download Splitware Mobility Platform for ServiceNow.



Offline Mobile Applications for ServiceNow


  • Deploy native mobile applications that securely connect to ServiceNow IT Asset Managment or Work Order Management
  • Use barcode scanning, RFID, or NFC to quickly capture and update IT asset data
  • Enable real-time updates to ServiceNow via WiFi or cellular
  • Operate in offline mode for disconnected or non-secure environments
  • Support major mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile
  • Enhance business decisions through dramatically increased CMDB integrity
  • Improve ITIL, Sarbanes-Oxley, or other regulatory policy adherence

Use Cases

ServiceNow ITAM Mobile Use Cases

Asset Receiving

  • Create asset records in your CMDB right at your receiving location, as soon as they arrive
  • Update Work Management module with Work Order information
  • Affix and associate asset tags to your real assets

Asset Inventory

  • Reduce the amount of time and resource required to perform wall-to-wall inventory
  • Use asset tagging and barcode scanning to improve the accuracy of inventory

Asset Lifecycle and Move / Add / Change Support

  • Process daily asset status changes as they occur
  • Track asset transfers instantly to maintain ownership, accountability info


Mobile Apps for ServiceNow IT Asset Management

The Splitware Mobility Platform supports scanning into ServiceNow Asset Management via iOS phone and tablets, Android devices, BlackBerrys, Barcode Scanners or RFID. Click images for larger views.

ServiceNow Asset Batch
ServiceNow Asset Batch
ServiceNow Asset Batch

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