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Design and deploy mobile BMC Remedy  data capture apps for ITSM/ITAM

BMC Remedy Mobile App -- BlackBerry 10 Mobile Reach has been a BMC Software partner (Technology Alliance and MarketZone) for 15 years, providing powerful mobile applications that connect to BMC Remedy ITSM and ITAM as well as custom back-end applications built on the BMC Remedy Action Request System. Our award-winning Splitware Mobility Platform integrates directly into any version of BMC Remedy, including Remedy 8, extending BMC Remedy IT Asset Management / Atrium CMDB, Service Desk, Change Management, and Task Management functionality to barcode scanners, RFID readers, smartphones and tablets. We can make BMC Remedy mobile apps work for your business.


Native, task-specific mobile applications designed and deployed with Splitware enable service desk technicians to fully integrate the management of Incidents, Work Orders, Change Approvals, Asset Receiving, Spot-Check Inventories, Full Physical Inventories, and Move-Add-Change operations, allowing for enhanced ITIL policy adherence and improved mobile ITIL workflows. These robust mobile applications ensure accurate and real-time data is in your BMC Atrium CMDB and a higher level of data integrity that promotes better business decisions and reduced costs. Splitware operates on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile devices and incorporates barcode scanning, RFID, signature capture, and offline capabilities. Empower your mobile workforce with Splitware for BMC Remedy.


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Why Splitware for BMC Remedy Mobile ITSM Apps?

The Splitware Mobility Platform is tightly integrated with the BMC Remedy AR System. Splitware supports all versions of BMC Remedy ITSM as well as specific applications in the BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite. The integration between Splitware and the BMC Remedy Action Request (AR) System API supports many standard applications as well as custom forms. Implementing a Splitware mobile BMC Remedy solution provides your mobile workers with a direct mobile interface to any back-end BMC Remedy application from smartphones, tablets, barcode scanners and RFID readers.   iPhone_Screen2

  • Requires minimal administrative support
  • Utilizes the existing BMC Remedy ITSM infrastructure with little to no impact
  • Allows the extension of both standard and custom BMC Remedy ITSM applications
  • Supports always-available operations regardless of network connectivity
  • Ensures rapid end-user adoption with a fluid and responsive user experience
  • Enables offline use in disconnected or restricted areas
  • Utilizes over-the-air deployment to ensure rapid scalability
  • Features a highly customizable mobile user interface
  • Supports a wide range of mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, barcode scanners and RFID readers
  • Supports BYOD initiatives with cross-platform support for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch), Android (phones and tablets), BlackBerry (phones through BlackBerry 10, and Windows Mobile barcode scanners
  • Task-specific mobile apps utilize device features, including camera scanning, maps, GPS, push notifications, signature capture, single sign on, etc.

Improve BMC Remedy CMDB Accuracy with Real-Time Data

Maintaining an accurate CMDB is very difficult, as the IT environment is highly dynamic. Tools such as discovery and other process automation applications help maintain the picture by replacing certain manual functions with computer programs. However, there are many processes that cannot be replaced by automatic tools. Incidents, Tasks, and Approvals must be managed every day by people who do not sit behind a desk. Asset receipts, decommissioning, shipping, transfers, MAC and other daily asset operations must be tracked as they occur to maintain a consistent configuration map of asset resources.

The Splitware Mobility Platform facilitates all of your critical business operations, enabling your entire workforce with the ability to access relevant information whenever needed or wherever they may be located, for quicker incident resolution and accurate and efficient mobile IT asset management.

  • A direct API integration to the BMC Action Request System
  • Conflict-detecting synchronization process that preserves data integrity in the CMDB
  • Sophisticated caching capability that enables fully-functional offline operation
  • Native mobile applications with a robust and fully customizable user interface
  • Highly secure encryption levels for both data at rest one the device and cellular or wifi data transfer, as well as device-side user logins and application locking
  • A superior end-user experience with high performance, task-specific mobile apps
Customer Success Stories
Use Cases

BMC Remedy IT Asset Management

Active RFID ScannerWhen you combine the Splitware Mobility Platform, BMC Remedy Asset Management, and a barcode or RFID scanner, you end up with a complete IT asset management system that provides users and managers with timely and accurate asset information. Many organizations rely on BMC Remedy to maintain an accurate inventory of IT assets at all times. Accurate asset information is required to determine asset value and depreciation, to make informed purchasing decisions, and to make time-sensitive budgeting decisions. Splitware mobile solutions reduce time-intensive physical inventory and data collection tasks, enabling staff to quickly and accurately capture asset information throughout the IT environment and synchronize directly to the BMC Remedy system.


Key Features

  • Mobile Workflow: With mobile workflow applications are adapted to suite your user’s daily operations.
  • Smart Scanning: Increase efficiency and accuracy by automatically detecting and routing data patterns to the proper fields.
  • Client Validation: Validate asset information while its being collected, catching errors at the point of action.
  • Offline Operation: Splitware fully supports 100% offline data collection.
  • Connection Aware: Splitware ensures 100% availability of your application 100% of the time, regardless of connectivity.
  • Barcode Support: Native support for a wide range of RFID and barcode devices enables direct application input.

BMC Remedy Mobile Service Desk

serviceThe Splitware Mobility Platform for BMC Remedy Service Desk provides IT staff the ability to service the customer at the point of activity. Splitware integrates tightly with BMC Remedy to extend incident and problem management directly to mobile technicians on smartphones, tablets or other handheld devices. Splitware’s flex-caching technology allows IT staff to access and update relevant BMC Remedy data seamlessly, regardless of connectivity. The lack of network dependence frees your IT staff to work efficiently, enabling better customer service and productivity while reducing the need for additional headcount. Additionally, the Splitware for BMC Remedy Service Desk solution dramatically reduces financial and SLA penalties and improves customer retention by reducing response time to incidents.


Key Features

  • Alerts: Notifies via email or system events when new incident tickets enter your queue.
  • Customized Queues: Streamline your queue by choosing to see only tickets that are assigned to your individual user ID.
  • Flex-Caching Technology: Flex-cache allows you to go offline without losing the use of your application(s).
  • Client-Side Timestamps: Timestamps are captured on the mobile device as events occur so that SLAs can be accurately reflected in the Remedy system.
  • Connection Aware: Splitware ensures 100% availability of your application 100% of the time, regardless of connectivity.
  • Dependent Menus: All dependent menus from within your BMC Remedy system can be inherited by the mobile application extensions.
  • Incident Actions: Mobile technicians are able to access, create, and update incident and problem records from their mobile devices.

BMC Remedy Mobile Change Management

changeThe Splitware Mobility Platform for BMC Remedy Change Management provides Change Managers and Technicians a scalable, sustainable solution for controlling changes to the IT environment through the use of mobile applications on smartphones or tablets. Change Managers are notified of any new pending Change or Purchase request approvals that can be quickly approved or rejected with the press of a button from wherever they are. Technicians perform their Change tasks and update relevant information at the point of action, real-time. As a highly controlled process, Change Management benefits exceptionally from the integration of Splitware to ensure that Change Management processes are followed and are not held up by a single individual.


Key Features

  • Alerts: Notifies via email or system events when new approvals or tasks enter your queue.
  • Customized Queues: Streamline your queue by choosing to see only items that are assigned to your individual user ID.
  • One Button Approvals: Managers can approve or reject approvals with the click of a button.
  • Client-Side Timestamps: Timestamps are captured on the mobile device as events occur so that SLAs can be accurately reflected in the Remedy system.
  • Connection Aware: Splitware ensures 100% availability of your application 100% of the time, regardless of connectivity.
  • Dependent Menus: All dependent menus from within your BMC Remedy system can be inherited by the mobile application extensions.

BMC Remedy Mobile Custom Application

customThe Splitware Mobility Platform integrates directly with the BMC Remedy ARS API, providing the ability to extend any BMC Remedy application to a mobile device. The mobile user interface can be custom-designed around any fields and functionality appropriate for the use cases and the needs of the mobile end-users. A variety of features can be incorporated to ensure an intuitive, error-minimizing user experience.


Key Features

  • Field Validation: When field values are entered or updated on a mobile device, the mobile application can require certain criteria to be followed to guide a valid response.
  • Pattern Recognition: As a component of field validation, fields can require data entry to follow certain textual patterns. This is particularly useful when using data capture tools like a barcode scanner; users will not be able to scan the wrong barcode into a field.
  • Audio Feedback: The usage of tones, beeps, and other audio feedback is extremely useful and important in a variety of mobile environments, especially those where visual/screen cues may be difficult to see.
  • Offline Operation: Splitware fully supports 100% offline data collection by caching critical information onto the mobile device.
  • Device Access: Because Splitware applications are native to the device, they are able to take advantage of device features, such as fingerprint pads, GPS units, etc.
  • Dependent Operations: Mobile Splitware™ applications can tie fields and actions together so that certain actions may only occur based on data entered. These types of controls provide a great amount of process alignment to ensure operational correctness.
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