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Mobile IT Asset Management ROI Calculator

Welcome to Mobile Reach’s Mobile IT Asset Management ROI Calculator! This tool is meant to be used to roughly calculate the cost savings that you would achieve by implementing a Mobile Reach Splitware mobile ITAM solution. In order to simplify the analysis, this tool makes several assumptions based on the information that you input.

To get the most accurate results possible, please keep in mind the following:

  • Serialized assets include anything that is tracked individually via a serial number and/or asset tag.
  • Bulk inventory includes all non-serialized items that are tracked via some sort of Item code and count. If you do not track Bulk inventory, then you can set this value to 0 to get more correct results.
  • In order to estimate and monetize the level of database accuracy, the calculator needs an estimate on the accuracy of your current processes, as well as a value to calculate the cost of a data error. If you are unsure of how to estimate the cost of database errors, we recommend setting that value to .5, which basically translates to a loss of 30 minutes of someone’s time per year for each asset record that contains an inaccuracy.

The IT Asset Management processes that are analyzed in this ROI calculator include four major ITAM tasks:

  • Physical Inventory / Audit
  • Bulk Inventory / Cycle Count
  • Asset Receive
  • General Move/Add/Change

The ROI calculator makes assumptions about how many assets are received or changed daily based on how many total assets exist. The effect of those changes (on database accuracy) is reliant on the value that you estimate for the accuracy and timeliness of those processes.

This tool is meant to provide a general picture of savings that you might be able to achieve. If you would like to receive a more personalized and complete analysis of your environment and processes, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for a free ROI Analysis evaluation. And, if you have any questions about how to use the calculator, please contact us.

Asset Management ROI Calculator

This ROI calculator utilizes industry best practices and actual results from Mobile Reach customers. This calculator is for discussion / evaluation purposes only. It is not a mobilityconsultation and/or recommendation.Please contact us for a customized ROI analysis that can be fine-tuned to your environment and assist in your business case analysis and implementation design.Mobile Reach holds no liability for damages arising out of your use of this calculator.

ROI Calculation Results

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Bulk Asset Inventory
Receive Process
MAC Process
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