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Mobile Reach has partnered with numerous systems integrators and defense contractors on many different projects and contracts, helping to provide additional value and efficiency through native mobile enterprise apps built on our best-in-class mobile enterprise application platform.

peopleonphonesUsing the Splitware Mobility Platform to extend enterprise applications (BMC Remedy, ServiceNow, CA, HP, OMNITRACKER, SQL, Oracle, Peoplesoft, legacy and homegrown systems) and data to mobile users allows integrators and government contractors to consistently meet SLAs with fewer resources.

In complex situations in which mobility is injected, integrators are able to re-allocate resources to other projects due to the enhanced productivity of mobile workers. Benefits include greatly improved data integrity, shorter mean-time to repair, reduced downtime, enhanced regulatory compliance, and unparalleled service levels.



For systems integrators and prime government contractors, bringing together component sub-systems into an efficient, closed-loop machine is the ultimate goal. In many complex projects that require instant action and immediate information, the most effective method of melding subsystems together is the deployment of a highly secure, scalable mobile enterprise application platform.

Value of Mobility to Systems Integrators

  • Lower SLA penalties (12% to 15% increase in SLA compliance)
  • Increase efficiency of mobile worker to fix more incidents (35% to 50%)
  • Decreases amount of travel back to ‘home base’ (efficiency factor)
  • Increase responsiveness and effectiveness of mobile workforce
  • Increases accuracy of service desk information used to make business decisions
  • Allows for capture and injection of data as the work is being performed to promote data integrity
  • Re-allocate other mobile workers to other tasks supporting the mission / business
  • Increase odds of winning a re-compete by providing greater value during the contract at a lower cost
  • A mobile solution is a very visible offering that the end user will physically see, which displays technology maturity and extra value perception.
  • Increase odds of winning a new contract with added functionality or equaling functionality
  • Monitor and extinguish critical outages or problems faster
  • Approval process time is greatly reduced
  • The need for a mobile manager to reassign a ticket quickly can be crucial to the business
  • Allows managers or techs to escalate a critical issue quicker for faster resolution

Systems integrators provide valuable engineering, scientific and technical services to our nation’s government agencies. Choosing partners is critical to providing these services and the partnerships are based on mutual trust that all parties will follow through on delivering the highest quality products and services at reasonable prices. At Mobile Reach we put the customer first. The end user is our customer and making sure that the software tools we deliver will meet their needs is our top priority.

  • Get affected asset working again quicker for resumed business activity to increase productivity levels
  • Business experiences less down time
  • Higher quality of service by SI to customer
  • Critical situations can be monitored and resolved faster when they arise
  • Improve customer service both for the SI and the end customer
  • Improved alignment between business and IT
  • Lower hardware expense through greater data accuracy and vision
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